Indonesian President Joko Widodo inspects a guard of honour during a ceremonial reception at the Presidential Palace in New Delhi on December 12, 2016. (Photo: AFP Photo/Money Sharma)

However, it's impossible for him to stop the House's inquiry on KPK.

Tunggul Kumoro   12 July 2017 06:00

President Joko Widodo through his spokesperson Johan Budi has made an official statement that he was reluctant to interfere the maneuver made by the House of Representative's Special Committee on Anti-Graft Commission Inquiry, saying it was the House's domain, not the executive's.

"President's domain is executive, not legislative," said Johan at the Presidential Palace complex, Jakarta, Monday.

Johan emphasized, Jokowi will only intervene if he indeed has the domain to do it. For instance, if it is related to the KPK's dismissal plan.

He claimed to have read the statement by the members of the House about the recommendations for the committee that suggests the dismissal of the KPK.

"Dismissing KPK is the president's domain. When the president enters his domain as the executive, he will refuse (to do so). The president doesn't want it [to happen]," said Johan.

The former KPK commissioner then explained that it is impossible for the president to stop the inquiry, even if the public urge, "Because that's the House's right and domain," he added.

Meanwhile, member of Special Committee on KPK Inquiry from the Golkar Party Faction, Misbakhun was pessimistic to Johan's statement, saying it wasn't the president's words.

"Spokesman should not speak in the name of the president," said Misbakhun when interviewed during the sidelines of the House's plenary session, Jakarta, Tuesday.

According to him, the president himself hasn't provided an official comment regarding the Special Committee's maneuver.

Misbakhun asserted that he agreed for the committee to communicate only with Jokowi himself as the state's executive.

"I'm with Jokowi. Everything is discussed with the President [only]. I don't want to be pitted against the President," added Misbakhun.

Earlier, a total of 396 professors who are members of Professors for Anti-Corruption Coalition urged the president to issue a strong statement about the inquiry rights on KPK.

They accused the House is using the inquiry rights because several of its members have been implicated in the e-KTP graft case.


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