The artist sat down with Brilio English before his set at Djakarta Warehouse Project.

  19 December 2016 14:03

Is there a bad motivation to make a song?

No. Everyone’s got their own journey that they’re going on. It’d be silly to judge someone else’s experiences as bad if it makes them happy. They might regret it but that’s on them, that’s not for someone else to decide.

Last of all, is there anyone in Indonesia you think you particularly like, through all your travels?

There’s a lot of people I really like in Indonesia. There’s a girl in particular that works at a hotel in Bali. I won’t name her name because she’ll get embarrassed. I’ve seen her for many years, every time I come back I go and visit her. I saved a little puppy once in Bali, in the streets, it was about to die. I took him to the vet and saved him and she took him into her house. So for that, I have a lot of respect for her.

That’s a great story. A lot of young Indonesians they have access to the internet but they don’t have access to a computer. They have to do everything through their smartphone. What would be the beginning if someone is just trying to find out more about how to make music nowadays?

You do kind of need a computer to make music. You can do basic stuff on your phone. But maybe if one of your friends has a computer, borrow it. When I first started DJ-ing I didn’t have my own deck or anything so I went to a friend’s house to practice how to mix on vinyl, back in the day. So yeah, just use what you’ve got, you know, if you can’t afford to buy a computer go to a friend’s house who’s got one or rent one. Figure out the solution. There’s always a way. 



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