Rizieq Shihab, leader of the Indonesian hardline Muslim group FPI (Front Pembela Islam or Islamic Defender Front), speaks to journalists at the police headquarters in Jakarta on January 23, 2017. (Photo: AFP/Adek Berry)

The guy's still missing and the investigation is still going on.

Tunggul Kumoro   27 July 2017 16:35

Jakarta Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Argo Yuwono said the police is unable to issue investigation-termination warrants, or SP3, for Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) leader Rizieq Shihab's alleged sex-chat case.

Rizieq's lawyer team in June sent a letter requesting President Joko Widodo to instruct the police for the issuance of SP3 for Rizieq's sex-chat case. The team argued the evidence was invalid as it was obtained through wiretap from an unauthorized institution.

Jokowi had nothing to say about it and apparently the Jakarta Police is also not taking the letter seriously.

Argo said that his corps has no reason to freeze the case. There are certain conditions for SP3 to be issued, according to Argo.

"It's regulated on Criminal Law Procedures Code (KUHAP). [A case can only be dismissed if] the case is expired or categorized as a non-criminal act. [The case can expire] for example [if the suspect] dies," said Argo at the Jakarta Police Headquarters on Wednesday.

With Rizieq's being alive and well — wherever he is right now — and the police still insisting the case is valid, there's apparently no chance the case will be dismissed soon.

In addition, Argo asserted that the police is ready to secure Rizieq upon his said return to Indonesia on August 17. "More importantly, we're ready, we're ready to secure Rizieq's arrival in Jakarta," said Argo.

Rizieq Shihab was named a suspect for his sex-chat case on May 29, 2017. He reportedly extended his visa to stay in Saudi Arabia for another one year on last June despite several summoning attempts by the police for questioning.

According one of his lawyers, Sugito Atmo Pawiro on Monday, Rizieq is scheduled to return to Indonesia for attending the FPI's anniversary on August 17.


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