Kim Jong Un stands in the middle of a farm (Source: The Guardian)

This battle is part of the “agricultural mobilization” program which will take place for one entire month.

Sahil Nathani   27 June 2016 12:47 - At this point in time, North Korea is going through yet another phase under its communist regime- a 'rice-planting battle' which involves all students in the country to plant rice on farms! The country’s political leader, Kim Jong Un, wants “to create illustrious students with technological capabilities.Amid the concerns raised by the students due to the intrusion it poses on their education, they don’t really have much of a choice. It is only the selective scholars who come from wealthy backgrounds that are able to bribe their way out of the mandatory task; otherwise, it is now compulsory to work on a farm while you are at University.

In fact, people of the nation were forced into a “70-day battle” to prepare for the Workers Party Congress in May of this year. Hence, it is understandable why students are protesting against such arduous farming activities. That being said, Kim Jong Un still abides by such ‘Stalinist’ principles.

Hopefully, the students of North Korea will be able to cope under such extreme circumstances and devote sufficient time towards their education as well!



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