Image: The Jakarta Post

The newly designed Transjakarta buses aim to encourage more bus commuters.

Sahil Nathani   25 June 2016 09:19 - Will traffic ever end in Jakarta? With the growing population, the number of vehicle ownerships has always been on a steep rise. Despite the introduction of numerous public transportation systems in the city, most of the society still prefers to commute in their private cars. As startling as it may sound, many rich families in Jakarta own several cars to cater to every family member’s needs. Jakarta’s governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, or Ahok, plans to provide ‘more comfortable Transjakarta buses’ to curb this issue.

In his most recent statement, Ahok said that "People living in luxurious housing estates might be unwilling to take a bus like [old] Kopaja buses. But they may change their mind if we provide buses with softer chairs.” Instead of expanding the city’s roads, which would come to no avail due to the increase in vehicle ownership, he hopes that people will be encouraged to take those public buses in the future.  Ahok also highlighted the ‘the importance of keeping Transjakarta lanes clear, as it was crucial to have an emergency route for vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks.’

Even though such a solution has been created, its success to overcome traffic issues will boil down to the citizens. Are they willing to make a change by commuting in public buses? We shall soon find out.



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