The controversy of I Wayan’s robotic hand continues

  23 January 2016 16:43 - The story of “Indonesian Iron Man” recently has rounded in social media. It is I Wayan Sutawan from Bali who built a robotic hand to overcome his limitation of his paralyzed hand.

To find out what really happened with his left arm, I Wayan had met a doctor where he also couldn’t explain the condition of I Wayan’s arm. There was no clinical evidence from doctors who examined I Wayan at that time to confirm his disabled arm since his cholesterol and blood pressure were normal.
After a few months of being diagnosed with stroke, I Wayan decided to build his own robotic arm from scrap to ‘regain’ his left arm back. The man claimed that this mechanical arm is connected to the head and is controllable by the mind.

Later, after I Wayan’s story has gone viral, many netizens began to doubt the truth of the device of this Indonesian Iron Man. For them, I Wayan’s statement was quite unreliable due to some evidences and ever since, his robotic arm has been the subject of discussion on social media by the robot geek, electronic experts and others.

So, here are some disclaimers found on the various social media, denying the device built by Indonesian Iron Man compiled by

1. The joints arm is practically loose

I Wayan’s arm looks loose

I Wayan’s joints arm is practically loose; seen when he put his arm. Strangely, his arm is pretty responsive and the motion is precise enough. It is considered to be impossible. Like how the motor/engine works in a loose and fit chain, surely the result would be the same. So with this arm.

2. The gear is removable

I Wayan removing the gear on his robot arm

Seen on the clip, I Wayan easily removes the gear on his robot arm without any tools. However, he still capable of moving his arm quickly and flexibly, resulting nothing during the operation.

3. His movement is too natural

I Wayan smoothly moving his hand

None of the mechanical object has a very smooth movement like what is shown by I Wayan’s mechanical hand. There should be some ‘pauses’ in the process, Asimo for instance.

Asimo is a humanoid robot designed and developed by Honda involving so many experts with very supporting facilities. And still, Asimo’s movement is far from perfect.

In this case, I Wayan’s shows an extremely natural movement, as if his arm were normal.

4. Brain Sensor

I Wayan’s brain sensor

Many say, even for a big automation manufacturer alone, such technology (brain sensor) is still very difficult and even impossible to manifest. Moreover, the development of sensor technology is currently optimizing the nanotechnology and what I Wayan’s done is considered to be unreasonable since he only used spare parts from junks.

5. The gear’s absence on the shoulder

No gear on the shoulder

If his whole left arm completely disabled, it means the gear should also be installed on the shoulder. In fact, I Wayan’s mechanical arm called Robot EGG has no gear in the joints at all. It is very vital because a joint in the shoulder allows the arm to rotate almost 180 degrees.

6. I Wayan can move his finger

I Wayan can still move his finger when holding a metal rod, though there is no actuator attached to his hand. He only wears a loose glove with the unknown component inside.

A stroke specialist also gives a comment related to this invention. Check out the explanation in the following pages...


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