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The six suspects are associated with the alleged Sarinah bombing’s mastermind

Retno Wulandari   05 August 2016 21:00 - Six terror suspects have arrested by Special Detachment 88, Indonesia’s elite counter-terrorism squad, today (5/8) morning after an alleged plot to hit Marina Bay, Singapore, with a rocket from Batam, Riau Islands, as reported by local media.

The suspects, aged 19 to 46, are associated with Bahrun Naim, the alleged mastermind of Sarinah bombing in Central Jakarta a few months ago.

The suspects were arrested at various spots in Batam, including the Cluster Sakura Botania, Komplek Taman Indah Batuaji, Carina Park Complex, Mediterranean Housing Block FF1 Batam Centre, and Complex Masyeba, as reported by Batam Pos.

“It is true that we have arrested six people,” said senior police official Boy Rafli Amar.

The six-person are identified as Trio Syafrido (46), Tarmidzi (age unknown), M Tegar Sucianto (19), Hadi Gusti Yanda (20), Eka Saputra (35), and Gigih Rahmat Dewa (31). Gigih is reportedly the group leader.

All of them are textile factory workers, except Trio, who is reportedly a bank executive.

Based on neighbors’ testimony, Gigih didn’t show suspicious behavior. He got married four years ago.

“He rarely seen goes out, in fact, we don’t know any details about them. So far, the couple has been good person,” said the unnamed neighbor.



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