Organizations with anti-Pancasila ideology are subject to the government's scrutiny and possibly forced disbandment.

Petra Hapsari   18 July 2017 10:25

Chief Security Minister Wiranto said government is trying to seek, investigate and conduct research on mass organizations that might 'put the national safety in danger'.

“The leaders of institutions related to the mass organizations’ licensing have the legal protection to seek, investigate and conduct research on mass organizations [and decide which ones of them] have started to danger the national safety with their ideologies. [Then] there will be an action,” Wiranto said on Monday, as quoted by Kompas.

Wiranto has asserted that the government’s decision to dissolve organizations with anti-Pancasila ideology is based on Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 2 Year 2017 about the change of Law No. 17 Year 2013 about mass organizations.

However, Wiranto has not revealed the name of organizations that the government is seeking to disband.

“We see there are ideological threats,” Wiranto said. “The nation’s ideology will be replaced by other ideology, without us even realizing it. Isn't it dangerous if there are movements that reject democracy, nationalism and even the Republic of Indonesia?

Wiranto also allowed those who disagree with the government's move to bring their objection to the court.

“If [anyone] disagree, then there [might] be another process. There is law that regulates [the objection], people are allowed to bring [their objection] either through PTUN (State Administrative Court) or MK (Constitutional Court). This is all so democratic,” Wiranto added.

On July 10, President Joko Widodo has signed the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 2 Year 2017 about the change of Law No. 17 Year 2013 about mass organizations.

The regulation states that there are things mass organizations cannot do including spreading ideology that is against the Republic of Indonesia or Pancasila, doing acts of hostility towards any race, religion, tribe, or other group in the country and so on.

Any mass organization that violates the regulation will be given administrative sanctions and/or criminal sanctions that might lead to disbandment, depending on the violation.


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