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The Walking Dead meets Breaking Bad.

Petra Hapsari   21 July 2017 19:15

A new drug called Flakka is already available in Indonesia, according to National Narcotics Agency Chief Comr. Gen. Budi Waseso.

“So, the flakka we watch on Youtube is already available in Indonesia, Budi said today.

Flakka was first detected in BNN’s laboratory result.

“We doubted it at first, but yesterday we have declared flakka is already in Indonesia,” Budi continued.

Budi reminded people to be more aware and careful.

“Certainly drug dealers and users are looking for this flakka,” Budi said.

He also reminded people to educate students about the danger of narcotics.

“Narcotics have targeted Indonesian children, starting from kindergarten, elementary school to junior high school students, and it is clear that we have to take action as soon as possible,” he added.

Flakka has been a new topic on social media even before it comes to Indonesia and declared as one of the most deadly narcotics in the world.

Videos showing how flakka drives the user to do unusual and dangerous things such as screaming, aggressively attacking others and even hitting himself to a running car can also be seen on social media.

People also refers the drug as Flakka the Zombie Drug since its users usually act similar to zombies we see in movies and reports say users sometimes feel as if they are super human — which explains to us about video of a man under influence of the drug jumping to a car using his head.

Flakka, which reportedly comes from America and Argentina, contains a substance called alpha-PVP which can increase dopamine, a hormone that can create hallucination. Thus, users will act like a zombie or a possessed person due to high hallucination. Flakka can also affect kidneys, weaken muscles and make body to suffer from hyperthermia.

Here is one of viral videos of people using flakka:




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