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Thus, the sonless current Sultan can be replaced by his brother, daughters or perhaps just anyone.

Tunggul Kumoro   04 September 2017 09:00

Constitutional Court has announced the ruling on a judicial review petition of Article 18 (1), Point M No. 13/2012 of the law on Yogyakarta's special status.

The judicial review filed last year by eleven Yogyakartan petitioners of various backgrounds, including royal servants of Yogyakarta Palace, women's right activists and village apparatus, would later pave ways for women to be able to occupy the position of Governor of Yogyakarta — something that has never happened in the history of the city.

"Granting the petition of the plaintiff to the whole," stated Constitutional Court chief justice Arief Hidayat at the Consititunional Court Building, Thursday.

The article stipulated that gubernatorial candidates of Yogyakarta are required to submit a curriculum vitae which outlines information of their background of education, occupation, siblings, wife and children.

According to the judge, such phrase contradicted the 1945 Constitution and possesses no binding legal force.

Moreover, the term "wife" had also been considered discriminative, implying an inconspicuous restriction to women to take the governor seat.

"Therefore, based on logical reasoning, the potential for legal uncertainty caused by such indecision [on the article's provision] is high. Such ambiguity could lead to a dangerous political crisis due to a deadlock in the Yogyakarta governor and deputy governor position-filling," said Arief.


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