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The Bogor Mayor wants to focus on what's already on his plate right now.

Tunggul Kumoro   31 August 2017 10:15

Mayor Bogor Bima Arya finally announced his final answer, saying he would remain in his position instead of welcoming Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil's offer to run alongside with him in the upcoming 2018 West Java election.

"My heart and mind are for Bogor. Power and position are not my goals. Devotion is everything," said Bima in a short message to detik, Wednesday.

Bima admitted that he still owes some duties as Mayor of Bogor as he unable to confirm his future in the city governance.

"So many unfinished tasks in Bogor. It's still undecided whether I continue to second term in Bogor. What is obvious is that I'm trying to fulfill my duty properly in the city," said Bima.

On the other side, West Java National Mandate Party (PAN) Chairman Hasbullah confirmed that the party fully understands the decision made by its member.

Hasbullah also revealed the possibility of another candidate, actress-turned politician Desy Ratnasari to be endorsed in the upcoming West Java election.

"At the PAN National Congress, he (Bima) said he wanted to have an istikharah (an Islamic prayer to seek guidance in making decision). The result might say that he's more needed for Bogor. We respect it. We still have Desy Ratnasary after all," said Hasbullah.

PAN had been keeping tabs on Bima Arya and Desy Ratnasary to run in the upcoming West Java election. Nonetheless, it was Bima who was more taken into account following Ridwan Kamil's offer.



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