A historic partnership reunites over street art.

Krystal Buckle   18 July 2017 10:00

The Australian Embassy in Indonesia and the Australian Consulate General in Denpasar teamed up with non-profit cultural organization Bentara Budaya Bali (BBB) last week for a street art workshop.

Indigenous Australian artist Jandamarra Cadd and selected street artists from the Djamur community in Bali collaborated to run a free workshop with a focus on knowledge exchange and mural art. Sharing their stylistic experiences in street art, the collaboration aimed to explore the connections between spiritual animals in the Aboriginal and Balinese cultures as well as raise awareness of the environment and sustainable tourism.

Painting since he was 15, Cadd is known for his unique blend of traditional Aboriginal art and contemporary portrait techniques. His talent and belief in the universal values that link humans across the globe have won him numerous art awards across Australia. The Djamur Community of Bali, founded in December 2007, rejects modern establishments and instead focuses on free expression in a way that promotes ‘togetherness’.


The workshop joins a long history of collaboration between Indonesia and Australia. “The relationship between our two countries is built on deep and strong personal connections between our people. We have taken a modern approach to publicize historical links in many ways by encouraging Indonesian and Australian artists to collaborate,” Australian Ambassador Paul Grigson told reporters. As early as 1700s, fishermen from South Sulawesi would travel to Australia’s Northern Territory to trade. The event marks a celebration of Aboriginal culture, history and achievements as well as diversity month as part of the Australian embassy’s lifestyle campaign.


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