They have bad days too, and they have to provide the best services and make customers and their bosses happy.

Retno Wulandari   17 May 2016 11:13 - In our bad days, we’re often unwittingly pouring out our emotions and negative feelings to cafe workers or convenience store cashiers. But if you ever tried to walk a mile in their moccasins, your problems, and their problems would be remarkably similar. They have bad days too, and they have to provide the best services and make customers and their bosses happy while simultaneously following the rules set by the employers.

So, next time after that barista serves up a cup of your favourite macchiato or have your monthly purchases wrapped up, give them a smile and remember these eight things that they desperately want you to know. Check this thing out to make you more human:

1. They’re not so “happy to help” two minutes before closing time

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It’s 4:58 Friday afternoon. The sun is shining, you can hear young folks chattering, hanging around on the road for their Friday nights, and Netflix is calling. Your things are packed up and you’re ready to walk out the door when your boss saunters in. He casually asks you to take care of an assignment that was due three hours ago. Goodbye, sun. Goodbye, Netflix.

You’ll do the same bad thing when you rock up to your favorite store two minutes before it closes. That’s an overwhelmingly dreadful feeling when the automatic door swings open just before the freedom bell rings retail workers have to face every day.

From here, we hope you will understand the golden rule: don’t do things that you hate to other people. Though you can’t make everyone happy, at least you didn’t ruin their moment.

2. They don’t care if you take the business somewhere else

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You’re unpleasant with the goods or service and tell in the shop assistant’s face that you’d rather shop in the store next door. You know what? They don’t even care unless those employees have been miraculously granted stock options.

That particular threat has also been spoiled by all the people who came before you who made that same threat and then came back the next day.

3. They will be very happy when you ask for help rather than dig through piles

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Managing to sort through a giant pile of clothes from a dressing room, having folded clothes laid neatly on the table according to size and colours, is like producing work of art for those retail workers. It’s kind of satisfying.

And you tend to ruin it within one dig when trying to find a checkered shirt in your size.

It’s as mean as punching a hole in a beautiful painting a kid painstakingly made. Rather than punching a hole in their art, it’s far better to ask employees if they have your size. They’ll be happy to check. See? It only needs two seconds to help them save 30 minutes of a pain at the end of their shift.

4. They have no control of stock

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Okay, it’s really annoying when you head through traffic jams, go to a store for a sale item only to find that the store doesn’t stock it. But don’t spew it out on the employees. The people running around the floor have no control of the stock. Blame the head offices, even if the folks in charge seem untouchable.

In fact, sometimes head office creates sale items that the store never had in the first place. It sounds just as silly to retail workers as it does to you.

5. Shoplifters, they can spot you a mile away

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Shrinkage is a fearsome monster in retail. As the big part of it, shoplifting and other types of fraud cost retailers billions a year.

Even if most shoplifters feel like they’re sly, but the truth is actually quite far from it. Much of the merchandise doesn’t just disappear without anyone noticing. It’s pretty easy to see if someone is shoplifting, especially when the people who work in there are trained to deal with shoplifters.

However, the minimum wage is not enough to entice retail workers into being pleasant and helpful to customers with sticky fingers.

6. They can’t make an exception even if you’re being super nice

Retail workers, particularly those who work in big chains, are tied tightly to company’s rules. Making that exception could cost them their job, and they don’t want to risk it only because you ask and speak nicely. In fact, you should play nice whether they can help you or not.

7. They won’t share employee discount with you

Employee discounts are for employees. It’s a sort of reward and appreciation for the labor they do, and they have no reason to share it with you. Not if you wink, nor if you flirt. In fact, an employee will get in serious trouble if they get caught sharing their discount. They’re not going to risk their job to give a stranger a 5% discount.

8. They are human and their feet hurt

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That person in the misshapen polo and khaki pants has feelings. That person also does not get paid enough to deal with mean and whiny customers that intentionally hit them with their carts. Don’t add any unnecessary pain by treating them as if they’re just company robots. Have some empathy for your fellow human beings, and you won’t believe how good your feelings will be.



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