Here are some fun facts about the Japanese brand.

Victoria Tunggono   06 June 2016 12:47


11. The oldest Yakult lady in Japan is 80 years old, while the youngest is 24.

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12. Most Yakult ladies are married with children and work from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. They can drop their small children at daycare facilities at the Yakult Center.

13. Currently there are 44,848 Yakult ladies all around the world.

Image via rctom.hbs

14. Yakult started selling in the Philippines in 1978.

15. The effects of Yakult will be nullified if you drink it with a hot beverage. Hot water kills the Lactobacilli, while they need to stay alive to get to our intestines.

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16. A sealed Yakult bottle needs to be refrigerated. If you need to go far, they sell the powder version so you won’t have to worry it’s getting warm.

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17. The best time to consume Yakult to get all of its benefits is right after meal.


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