Petra Hapsari  23 August 2017 17:27

The Chairman of Alibaba Group Jack Ma will be the advisor of e-Commerce in Indonesia.

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara confirmed the news, adding that the meeting with Jack Ma yesterday in Beijing is a realization of the presidential decree on e-Commerce road map.

“Now, officially [we] invite Jack Ma to be one of advisors for Steering Committee which runs e-Commerce road map led by Coordinating Economic Minister,” Rudiantara said through a press statement.

Jack Ma will not come to Indonesia for his business but to develop the ecosystem so that UMKM (micro, small, and medium enterprises), suburban people and villagers can use the technology development to increase their economy.

“[We] discussed the importance of ICT infrastructure which gives access to the whole society and countries. Then, it will give more benefits for villagers and UMKM, since the urban society already has traditional infrastructure like supermarkets, malls, etc.. That is why ICT infrastructure shall become leap process for villagers and UMKM in the new economic activity,” Rudiantara continued.

Indonesia will not only develop the ICT infrastructure, but also its logistic system to increase the economy.

So that the movement of goods will be easier and more efficient, payment system should be strategic. So it is not only benefitting FinTech (which tends to empower the established financial institutions), but (also) let the people to be able to get the access to financial service in line with financial inclusion strategy from Indonesian government,"Rudiantara added.

"In the end, Indonesia should be able to make a breakthrough by using the advantages from its 175 million citizens who at least have one cellphone".



  23 August 2017 16:35

"Charm of Parahyangan" Carnival, the climax for 72nd Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day commemoration is set to be held in Bandung, West Java, on Aug. 26, 2017 carrying the theme "Light the Flame in the Spirit of Cooperation".

The event involves more than 1,200 participants ranging from artists and youth communities in West Java, as well as representatives from other Indonesia's internationally-acclaimed festivals, including Jember Fashion Carnaval, Solo Batik Carnival and Tomohon International Flower Festival.

The carnival would be a folk's fiesta showcasing a parade that represents Indonesia's cultural wealth, according to Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

"Bandung is reputable as a creative and cultural city, the selection of the city as a venue would further strengthen Bandung's position as a center of creative industries and world-class carnival destinations," said Arief on Tuesday through a press statement.

Aat Suratin, the chief of production team, revealed that the festival would be a platform to perform numerous cultural expressions.

"All participants of the carnival, both traditional and contemporary will express creative works referring from the main theme of the carnival," said Aat.   

President Joko Widodo along with First Lady Iriana are scheduled to attend and take part in the carnival in a beautifully decorated presidential carriage, Kereta Pancasila (Pancasila Carriage).

Commencing from the Simpang Lima intersection, the parade will pass the Asia-Afrika Road to the Savoy Homann Hotel and the Merdeka Building and end at the city square of Bandung.  

The event will also be highlighted by artistic presentations of traditional arts Sumedang's Kuda Renggong (Dancing Horses), Sisingaan (Sundanese Lion Dance), Reog Ponorogo and another performance by rebana musicians, Museum Kid Care Community, Asia Africa Students Community, Dangiang Galuh Pakuan Ancient Art Community, League of Veterans of the Republic Indonesia (LVRI) and many more.



  23 August 2017 12:20

A jailed cleric has been named as a suspect in a suicide bomb attack that killed eight people in Jakarta last year and was claimed by the Islamic State group, police said Tuesday.

They said Aman Abdurrahman is suspected of masterminding the attack in January 2016, which killed four attackers and four civilians.

"He has been officially named a suspect in the Thamrin attack," national police spokesman Setyo Wasisto told AFP, referring to the street where it took place.

"We already have sufficient evidence about his involvement in the attack."

The assault — the first claimed by IS in Southeast Asia — saw dramatic scenes as a suicide bomber blew himself up in a Starbucks and security forces battled gun-toting militants.

Indonesia has long struggled with Islamic militancy and has been hit by a series of attacks in the past 15 years, including the 2002 Bali bombings that left 202 people dead.

A crackdown has weakened the most dangerous networks but fears have grown of a resurgence in militancy after hundreds of Indonesians flocked to the Middle East in recent years to join IS.

The country has seen a surge in plots and attacks linked to the jihadists over the past year.

Despite being in prison since 2010, Abdurrahman has recruited militants to join IS, according to the Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis and Conflict. He is thought to have been in communication with leaders of the jihadist group and is the main translator for IS propaganda in Indonesia, it has said.

The cleric was detained by counter-terrorism police on August 12, five days before he was due for release from Nusakambangan high-security prison where he was serving a sentence for raising funds for a training camp in Aceh. 

Abdurrahman was named a suspect on August 18, Wasisto said.

Agence France-Presse


  22 August 2017 15:34

A koala at an Australian zoo has given birth to a rare white joey, staff announced Tuesday.

Handlers at the Australia Zoo on Queensland's Sunshine Coast say the pale animal born in January owes its white fur to a recessive gene inherited from mother Tia.

The mother has given birth to light-colored joeys in the past.  

"In veterinary science it’s often referred to as the 'silvering gene' where animals are born with white or very pale fur and, just like baby teeth, they eventually shed their baby fur and the regular adult coloration comes through," said the zoo's wildlife hospital director Rosie Booth in a statement.

Koala fur differs in color— from light grey to brown — depending on their environment. Animals in the south of Australia tend to have thicker and darker fur than those in the north.

But a white koala is incredibly rare, Booth said, and "quite unfortunate" if born in the wild, since it is more visible to predators.

The much-loved koala has been under increasing threat across Australia in recent decades, particularly from habitat loss, disease, dog attacks and bushfires.

The joey is yet to be named and Tourism Australia is set to encourage suggestions.


Tunggul Kumoro  22 August 2017 13:05

An Indonesian hacker group called ExtremeCrew claimed to have hacked at least 27 Malaysian-based websites following the flag error incident done by the SEA Games Malaysia's organizers.

The hacked sites feature the page from the event's guidebook where the Indonesian flag found printed upside down.

"My national flag is not a toy!" read the message on the web.

Those hackers also inserted one of the Indonesia's patriotic anthems "Indonesia Pusaka" as the background music.

A screenshot of the hacked website.

Most of the hacked sites belong to private business, among others http://2017investorsguide.com and A check on Tuesday found that some of the sites have since been taken down for maintenance.

The cyber security authorities of Malaysia have not commented on this attack.

On Sunday, Malaysia's Youth and Sports Minister who is also Malaysia SEA Games Organizing Committee (MASOC) Chairman Khairy Jamaluddin met with Indonesia's Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi on a courtesy visit in Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to officially apologize for the flag blunder while assuring that the committee had been instructed to stop publishing the book.

Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dato' Sri Anifah Haji Aman has also released a written apology to the Indonesian government.

"On behalf of the Malaysian government, we would like to express our apologies to the government and people of the Republic of Indonesia," wrote Dato Sri Anifah.



Tunggul Kumoro  21 August 2017 12:10

Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin will review the rules on umrah package as he did not want to see another case of umrah scam carried out by travel agencies like First Travel happening in the future.

"So that people would not become an object of fraud, since generally most people want the most affordable [umrah packages]," said Lukman at the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Friday.

According to him, the ministry wants prevent the emergence of umrah travel agencies that lure public with the too-good-to-be-true low-cost packages, possibly by setting a minimum price of an umrah trip.

"In order for not spending too much money, umrah travel agencies set the price as economical as possible, but this potentially could be disadvantageous to potential pilgrims," Lukman continued.

"We're studying whether to set a minimum price for umrah. It's still in the middle of the discussion. It's still being studied, the amount, what is the benefit, what is the downside. Its plus and minus are still under a research."

As for now, the ministry can only grant permits for agencies and does not regulate further about those agencies' packages.

"The government does not organize umrah. We only grant a permission to travel agencies and revoke it if the agency happens to commit a violation," he continued.



Tunggul Kumoro  21 August 2017 10:10

The government is racing against time ahead of their preparation to host the forthcoming 18th Asian Games in August to September 2018. The renovation of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (GBK) had been spurred to bring the construction into completion before its deadline in October 2017.

GBK has been selected as the main venue of the Asia's biggest multisport event with the opening and closing ceremonies slated to be staged there as well.

Public Works and Public Housing Ministry that is responsible for preparing the infrastructure, on Friday, has shared a video showing the final design of the stadium and its complex.

Seen in the footage, the projection of the venues, including Istora Senayan indoor sports hall for badminton, indoor tennis arena, athletic field and the main GBK stadium.

The day after, the ministry posted another video displaying the facelift progress.

While some of the venues were spotted around near completion, hockey and football training fields were looked well-anticipated outside the stadium. The restoration on stadium itself had marked its last step with seat installation.

Trillions of rupiah had been spent for improvement project. In its design, GBK which initially had a capacity 90,000 will later be equipped with only 76.187 seats due to the seating installation in the tribune sections. In addition, facilities for disabled audiences were also enhanced with 1,000 seats prepared.


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