24 June 2017 20:17

Barack Obama kicked off a 10-day family holiday in Indonesia that will take in Bali and Jakarta, the city where he spent part of his childhood, officials said Saturday.

The casually dressed former president arrived in Bali with his wife Michelle and their two daughters, a local military commander said.

"They arrived late last night and went straight to the hotel in Ubud," a local military commander, I Gede Widiyana, told AFP.

Obama woke up early and did some exercise in the lush green riverside resort, Widiyana said, but it was not known how the family would spend their time in the quiet and artsy Ubud area.

Next week, the family is slated to depart for Yogyakarta, where they are expected to visit ancient Borobudur temple. They will spend two days there before flying to Jakarta.

Obama spent four years until 1970 as a boy in Jakarta after his divorced mother married an Indonesian. 

Many Indonesians felt a strong bond with Obama because of his exposure to Indonesia and its culture, even making him a two-meter bronze statue that was placed in his former school.

The statue of "Little Barry" — as Obama was known to his Indonesian school friends — depicts the boy Obama dressed in shorts and a T-shirt with a butterfly perched on his hand.

The foreign ministry said Obama's visit to holiday in Indonesia came after several invitations from President Joko Widodo.

While in the capital, Obama will meet Widodo on June 30 and give a speech at an Indonesian diaspora convention the next day.


Tunggul Kumoro  22 June 2017 16:08

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has named Bengkulu Governor Ridwan Mukti and his wife Lily Maddari suspects of alleged bribery related to road improvement projects in Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu on Wednesday.

KPK Deputy Chairman Alexander Marwata said Ridwan Mukti allegedly received money from PT Statika Mitranya Sarana director Jhoni Wijaya as a guarantee of winning a road construction tender in Rejang Lebong.

"After some questionings continued by an open investigation, [it is found] there's a corruption for receiving gratuities [done] by Bengkulu Governor," said Alexander in a press conference at KPK building, Jakarta.

The anti-graft agency has also named Jhoni Wijaya as another suspect and Rico Dian Sari as third party intermediary.

Jhoni as bribe giver is suspected of violating Article 5 par. 1a or Article 5 par. 1b or Article 13 of Law No. 31/1999 on the Eradication of Corruption as amended by Law No. 20/21001 junto Article 55 par. 1 of the Criminal Code.

While Ridwan, Lily and Rico, as the bribe takers allegedly violate Article 12 letter a or b or Article 11 of Law Number 31/1999 on Eradication of Corruption as amended by Law No. 20/2001 junto Article 55 par. 1 of rhe Criminal Code.

KPK arrested Lily Maddari in a sting operation in her house on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. Along with other two contractors Rico Dian Sari and Jhoni, she was brought to Bengkulu Police Headquarters in which later followed by Ridwan's arrival to the headquarter.



Tunggul Kumoro  22 June 2017 16:05

The 44th President of the United States Barack Obama is scheduled to made his first visit to Indonesia since stepping down from the presidency, this Idul Fitri weekend.

Obama, who spent four years of his childhood in Menteng, Central Jakarta, visited Indonesia in 2009 when he was still the President of the US. This time, Obama and his family are planning a trip to Indonesia and visit Jakarta at the invitation of President Joko Widodo. In addition, he reportedly will bring his family on a holiday in Bali.

"There has been a confirmation, he (Obama) will arrive on June 23 afternoon, for a vacation," said Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika in Denpasar, Bali, Wednesday. He added that Obama's arrival in Bali is almost at the same time as Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak who comes for similar purpose.

On the other side, Bali Police Chief Ins. Petrus R. Golose has confirmed that the former president of US will roam in the island without a special security from the police.

"There is no particular request (from Obama), the security will remain the same," said Petrus.

Obama reportedly is going to be in Bali for five days before he goes to Jakarta on June 30 and attends the 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress on July 1 in South Jakarta.

"We don't know yet whether he will be in Nusa Dua, Kuta or in Gianyar," said Udayana Military Commander Maj. Gen. Komaruddin.

Another rumor also revealed by Yogyakarta Department of Communications and Informatics Spokesperson Amiarsi Harwani, saying that Obama will come to Yogyakarta to see Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. However, there has been no further information confirming the news.


Tunggul Kumoro  21 June 2017 09:54

The House of Representative's special committee for anti-graft agency inquiry proposed a discourse saying National Police and KPK would not be given a budget in 2018 should the two institution can't 'respect' the House.

"We are currently discussing the state budget for 2018, which includes the [budget for] the police and KPK. However, if both institutions do not work as mandated by the law, including pay no respect to DPR, then we'll give zero budget for both in 2018. Done," said a member of Special Committee on KPK Inquiry from the Golkar Party Faction, Misbakhun in Jakarta on Tuesday.

According to Misbakhun, this has been discussed in the committee and approved by the majority of committee members consisting of 23 people from Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Golkar, Great Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra), National Mandate Party (PAN), United Development Party (PPP), National Democratic Party (Nasdem) and People's Conscience Party (Hanura).

Most of the members of the committee are members of Commission III of DPR that oversees the Police and KPK. Each year, the commission is responsible to review the budget for both institutions.

The no-budget plan for the police and KPK came after on Monday, when the anti-graft agency refused to present Hanura Politician Miryam S. Haryani to the committee despite having requested by them.

The agency assesses the special committee's request was an attempt to obstruct legal process.

Miryam has been named a suspect and detained by the KPK since May 1, 2017. She allegedly provided false testimony during the electronic ID card (E-KTP) graft case trial.

The police also declined to carry out the request, stating the procedural law in for the act was unclear.

Meanwhile, National Police chief Gen. Tito Karnavian said, the police plans to turn down any House's request to force pick people whose their testimonials are required during the inquiry process.


Tunggul Kumoro  20 June 2017 16:10

Attorney General M. Prasetyo responded to the news that media tycoon Hary Tanoesoedibjo's lawyers sued the AG back to the National Police Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim) for defamation.

"That was a form of resistance from people who are facing legal process, it's legitimate (to do so), though," said Prasetyo on Tuesday.
Prasetyo was reported for defamation after calling Hary Tanoe a suspect of a threat case.

Harry Tanoe's lawyer, Adi Dharma, on Friday explained that Prasetyo had named his client a suspect of a threat case to prosecutor Yulianto. This statement was then considered a libel by Hary's lawyer.

When asked the basis of the case, Prasetyo only said any handling of legal processes should always involve the Police and the Attorney General, implying that Prasetyo also has the authority in the case.

Last weekend, Prasetyo mentioned Hary Tanoe had been named a suspect of a threat case. However, the National Police Cyber Crime Chief Sr. Comr. Fadil Imran however denied Prasetyo's statement, saying there had been no suspect naming.

The threat case itself refers to threatening text messages received by Yulianto when he was into PT Mobile-8 tax restitution case. Hary was a commissionaire in the company when the texts arrived.

After being questioned on Monday, June 12 at Bareskrim, Hary Tanoe confirmed the short message he sent to Yulianto was not a threat.

"That was not a threat. ‘I want to end the transactional law enforcement’ is a plural form, I wasn’t talking about a particular person," Hari told reporters.



Petra Hapsari  19 June 2017 18:30

A Garuda Indonesia airplane with flight number GA425 flew from Denpasar to Jakarta had to take a go-around just few seconds before landing to avoid hitting a Sriwijaya Airlines plane last Sunday.

“A go-around had to be done to keep the flight safe since there was Sriwijaya SJ580 route Jakarta-Makassar on the runway. The latter was supposed to take off but cancelled it due to technical reason,” said state-owned air navigation company Airnav's corporate secretary Didiet KS Radityo.

Didiet added that Soekarno-Hatta Airport’s control tower has ordered SJ580 to take off yet the pilots stated they could not do it since the plane was still rolling slowly.

The Garuda airplane that was supposed to land after the SJ580 took off then had to take a go-around to avoid hitting it.

Via their official Twitter account, AirNav Indonesia thanked the Garuda pilot for taking the decision. “AirNav thanks the GA 425 pilot who was deft in responding the go-around instruction delivered by ATC,” the tweet read.

“AirNav also thanks the SJ580 pilot who directly reported the cancellation of plane’s take-off soon to control tower, so ATC could gave go-around instruction.”

The news spread after one of the Garuda’s passengers shared the moment on Facebook, stating that it was a frightening experience.

AirNav Indonesia promised to analyze the details of the event including checking the recording and data to get more information.


Petra Hapsari  19 June 2017 14:20


The administrators of Jakarta Cathedral rescheduled the church’s mass on Sunday, June 25 to accommodate Muslims holding their Idul Fitri prayer.

In regards to the Idul Fitri celebration and Idul Fitri prayer, the Cathedral’s yard will be used to support our Muslim brothers and sisters’ activity, so the mass schedule on Sunday, June 25, 2017 will be changed to morning at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.; and in the evening mass [will be held] as usual: at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.,” read the announcement posted on the church’s official Facebook account.

The churchyard is usually used by Muslims to do Idul Fitri prayer since Istiqlal mosque, located in front of the Cathedral, could not fit all participants and their vehicles.

The leader of the Cathedral’s parish, Father Hani Rudi Hartoko said, “We understand Muslims only have one time together for Idul Fitri prayers. While the Mass can adjust since there are some [masses held] on Sundays.”

Normally, the church always holds Sunday mass six times: at 6 a.m., 7.30 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 5 p.m., and 7 p.m.


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