Is Niantic paying tribute to the stars?

Celia Tholozan   07 August 2016 20:09 - Pokémon's creators definitely got inspired by some famous people! Or could it be the other way around????

1. Blaziken and Lady Gaga 

 They have the same enthusiasm for performing!

2. Machoke and Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Can you guess who’s stronger?

3. Lickitung and Miley Cyrus 

 They share more than a habit!

4. Maggie Simpson and Togepi

 Just cuteness. 

5. Diglet and Vin Diesel

...clearly go to the same hairdresser.

6. Grovyle and Willow Smith

Always following the latest fashion trends. 

7. Tangela and Whoopi Goldberg

Hairy and proud of it!

8. Yungoos and Donald Trump

...and the best (or worst) for last. 



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