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There are certain memes only real travelers can understand.

Retno Wulandari   08 April 2016 10:45

13. It’s surely helpful!

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14. Going to spend a week in Tuscany, but hardly speak Italian? Your hand will do it for you

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15. Finally, I’m on the road! (even if it’s just a business trip)

Image via mwintstravel

16. Hell no!

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17. What’s inside a person with celebrity-style-traveling-habit’s mind

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18. A pro who will make your vacation perfect

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19. The kind of person who would fall in love easily

Image via adventureseeker

20. Well, okay...

Image via adventureseeker

21. After all those hilarious adventures...

Image via funnyjunk

22. When a journey becomes a little bit thrilling...

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23. Now it’s time for the hardest part of every vacation... coming back to work

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