13 December 2017 11:09

It’s almost three weeks in the Ramadan, and while you might be busy spending every afternoon breaking your fast with friends and family, you might also start to plan what to do for your Idul Fitri holiday. But not everyone can go ‘mudik’, some have to stay in Jakarta. But staying in Jakarta during the end of Ramadan and Idul Fitri season has its own perks. Don’t believe us? Here are five wonderful things about Ramadan and Idul Fitri in Jakarta!

1. Tourism is still open!

Ramadan or not, Jakarta operates as usual, including its tourism spots. You can opt for Ancol, the newly opened NeoSoho Aquarium to the Kalijodo skatepark: they’re all open for your Ngabuburit. 

Or if you like to spend Ramadan get closer to God, you can go on a religious historical trail, from the Chinese Mosque in the Old Town area in West Jakarta, Sunda Kelapa Mosque in Central Jakarta, or learn more about the holy book at the Al-Quran Museum in Taman Mini.

Some places are less crowded than usual during this season. And it’s even better if you have a small family! You don’t have to deal with queues, giving you more quality time together to have fun.

2. Sale, sale, sale!

Summer sale, Idul Fitri sale, you name it. 'Tis the season to splurge and save! © 2017 Shutterstock


Jakarta with its more than 100 malls is a perfect place for shopaholics — or anyone wanting to dress well for Idul Fitri. This year’s Ramadan coincides with the annual Jakarta Great Sale, meaning that there are a LOT of sales going on, both online and offline. 

3. No shortage of options on where/what to break your fast with.

You can stay at home, cooking your favorite dishes or having them delivered by online ojek messengers. Or, you can choose one from the many choices Jakarta has — from street food to hotel buffet, Jakarta has it all. You can opt for the 20k Nasi Goreng or the awesome buffet at Kristal Hotel. And as you still have many days to break your fast (plus the Idul Fitri bonus is coming), you can have them all.

4. Having the city to yourself.

Bye bye, traffic jam! © 2017 Shutterstock


During the final days of Ramadan, Jakarta is practically empty as most residents go back to their hometowns. Commuting is so much easier and faster, the life pace is slower as everyone is on holiday mood, it’s all perfect. You’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones and to do religious activities. 

You can enjoy Jakarta like never before, you can even enjoy the view from city center —something you usually dread during usual weekdays. You can wander with your family to places you can only see from your car during regular days. Your kids or little siblings would love it! You’d love it as well! We mean, now you can take pictures at Hotel Indonesia Roundabouts and Monas without the usual crowd!

5. Staycation!

Waking up to fresh meal for breakfast? No making up your own bed in the morning? Who doesn't love staycation? © 2017 Shutterstock

While the empty Jakarta might give you a temporary bliss, there comes another problem: most domestic workers usually go back home too. But no need to worry!

Jakarta has plenty options of hotels for staycation. Have a mini vacation in your own town, but with the comfort of a vacation. Many hotels offer special rates and activities during this season. Hotel Kristal in Cilandak, for example, has ___ package that consists of ____.

And if you’re in town for a visit during the school holiday with the little ones, there’s no better time to enjoy Jakarta than this Idul Fitri season! 


Petra Hapsari  22 September 2017 09:00

Until September 14, 2017, 61 people in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi have been sent to hospital after consuming PCC, with most of them were elementary and junior high school students. Some of them lost consciousness and some even died after consuming the drug. Some survivors were reported to show disturbed mental conditions that they need to be tied to avoid them from rampaging.

What is PCC? And, what does this drug contain? Pay attention to the explanation below as cited from Hello Sehat:

What does PCC contain?

PCC stands for Paracetamol, Cafein, and Carisoprodol. Below is the explanation of their contents and side effects:


Paracetamol or known as acetaminophen belongs to the group of painkillers which is sold freely. It is usually used to relieve light pain to headache, flu, menstrual pain, toothache and joint pain. Usually, 500mg Paracetamol is consumed every six hours to reach pain relieve effect.

There are some side effects such as nausea, upper abdominal pain, itchy, loss of appetite, dark urine, pale feces, and skin as well as eyes becoming yellow. However, such symptoms are not common as long as they consume it according to the rule or doctor’s prescription.


Caffeine is the compound found in coffee, tea, or cola to increase consciousness, focus and alertness. That is why after drinking coffee, you might not feel sleepy anymore. Athletes even use caffeine as a stimulant as it is still allowed to be used by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

In the medical world, caffeine is usually used as a combination with painkiller. In this case, caffeine can be taken along with paracetamol. Caffeine can also be used for asthma, bladder infection to low blood pressure.

Caffeine works by stimulating central nerve system, heart and muscles. The effects of caffeine increase blood pressure as well as expedite the flow of urine. However, these effects will not happen to those who take caffeine routinely.

There is also a rule for taking caffeine. The concentration of caffeine in your urine is not supposed to reach 16 mcg/mL. It takes 8 glasses of coffee to reach the number. So generally, caffeine is relatively safe to consume.

If you take it too much, caffeine may cause some side effects such as anxiety, panic attack, the rise of stomach acid, increased blood pressure and insomnia. If you have health issues such as indigestion and hypertension, these effects might occur easily.


When paracetamol and caffeine are general substances to use and relatively safe that they are sold freely, carisoprodol is limited and can only be used under doctor’s order. Carisoprodol belongs to the group of muscle relaxer or drugs to relax your muscle which will cut off the pain flowing from your nerves to brain. It is used for physical therapy such as muscles and bones, for example in injury healing.

This drug may cause addiction, which is why it is not sold freely and can only be used with doctor’s prescription. The side effect is it will affect nerves and body’s reaction. If you consume it along with alcohol, it will make you have severe sleepiness up to headache.

There are some side effects might occur after consuming carisoprodol. If you feel one or more of symptoms below, please stop using it.

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Feeling so weak until bad body’s coordination
  • Really fast heartbeat
  • Convulsions
  • Loss of vision

What will happen if these three drugs are consumed together?

If someone mixes and consumes these drugs at the same time, the side effects will occur together. At the end, this PCC will damage the central nervous system in the brain. The damage will be varied, but specifically, PCC brings up hallucination to some victims.

Significant mood changes also often occur as well as behavioral and emotional disorders. Other than that, this drug abuse can cause overdose that will lead to death.

The article was previously published in Hellosehat.com and all medical data has been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.


Petra Hapsari  15 September 2017 15:55

Seeing a sleepless student and fellow worker is probably not a new thing for you. Even you yourself might be one of those who are sleepless.

But be careful, lack of sleep might not only make you feel tired the whole day, but it might make the brain function decrease, causing various mental problems.

Mental problems that might occur due to lack of sleep:

1. Brain working slowly

Researchers found that lack of sleep can decrease the brain’s concentration and alertness. No wonder that after hours of no sleeping, you might get confused, become forgetful and find it hard to think clearly. In medical terms, the impaired thinking due to exhausted brain is called as brain fog. It may make you hard to make an important decision.

It might sound trivial, but brain fog is not something you can underestimate as it can be the early symptom of dementia.

2. Becoming forgetful

When you are sleepy, you tend to be forgetful. Not only your concentration and focus get disturbed, your memory will also get worse.

It is all because when you are sleeping, the nerves in your brain which save memory are strengthened. An expert from Faculty of Medicine in Maryland University, US, dr. Avelino Verceles said that when sleeping, brain records things we have learned and experienced in a day into the short-term memory — that is why you should not sleep in anger.

3. Hard to accept new information

Lack of sleep might affect your ability to understand new information. First, you will find it hard to focus that it is difficult for you to accept new information, then you will not be able to learn efficiently.

Second, lack of sleep will affect your ability to memorize things. Your memory will be weakened and it will be hard for you to memorize things you have learned.

4. Possible further mental disorder

Lack of sleep might not the direct cause of mental disorder. However, various researches found big potential of mental disorders such as depression, ADHD, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

A research in Michigan, US observed people from 21 to 30 years old. The result shows that people with insomnia at the first interview were four times more likely to suffer from depression when they were being interviewed again three years later. Other study found that sleeping problem occurs before depression. Besides, it is more difficult for depressed people with insomnia to get healed compared to those who do not have insomnia.

In a research, experts found that insomnia as well as other sleeping disorder might worsen manic or depression on patients with bipolar disorder. Lack of sleep can trigger mania, a phase of emotional explosion or uncontrollable behavior.

Lack of sleep also triggers anxiety. One study reports that around 27 percent of patients with anxiety started with insomnia.

The article was previously published in Hellosehat.com and all medical data has been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.


Petra Hapsari  05 September 2017 11:15

How many glasses of water have you taken today?

Two thirds of our body is made of water, so your body needs to get sufficient water to function optimally.

But how can you realize that your body is lacking of water? What is dehydration? What are the symptoms?

Dehydration is a condition where the amount of liquid your body loses is more than the one you get. The imbalance of the liquid in your body will affect other contents in your body, including salt and sugar, and it might lead into blood clotting.

Unfortunately, you feel thirsty only after you are dehydrated. Even the symptoms of dehydration that someone might have might be different, depending on the age.

The symptoms of dehydration in children

Children are more at risk of dehydration since their bodies are small, resulting in lesser liquid reserve than adults’. Dehydration in children can be caused by certain conditions such as fever (the liquid in the body evaporates more when the body’s temperature is high), diarrhea, throwing up or excessive sweating during playtime (the sun exposure might make it worse).

If your children have the condition as mentioned above, it is better for you to pay attention to symptoms which might follow, such as:

  • Dry tongue and mouth
  • Absence of tears when crying
  • Eyes and cheeks look sunken inward
  • The color of urine is dark, the volume and frequency of urinating decreased, or even not urinating for 6 to 8 hours or more.
  • Dry skin
  • Headache, the body feels unstable or staggering.
  • Sleepiness and tiredness
  • Increasing heart rate
  • For some children, dehydration might even cause them to lose consciousness

The symptoms of dehydration in adults

Certain conditions that can make adults dehydrated include fever, exposure to high temperature, doing too many activities, excessive sweating and throwing up.  Adults can also get dehydrated due to other conditions such as the increase of urinary expenditure due to certain infection and wounded skin (the body liquid can also be gone due to damaged skin).

If you are experiencing conditions as mentioned above, you are more likely to get dehydrated. Most dehydration symptoms on adults are similar to the ones children have. However, in certain conditions, an adult can also be considered as dehydrated when he/she is having these symptoms:

1. Bad breath. Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital’s cardiologist John Higgins revealed that dehydration causes your body to produce lesser saliva. The absence of sufficient saliva in your mouth might cause the bacteria inside your mouth to develop, followed by unpleasant aroma from your mouth.

2. Muscle cramp. As mentioned before, the lack of liquid in your body can affect other content in your body. It can also affect the electrolyte in your body before affecting the salt and potassium content, causing you to have muscle cramp.

3. The want of certain food, especially the sweet ones. When your body’s liquid is decreased, your heart will have problem in producing glycogen, the end result from the processing of sugar in the body. As a result, your body wants to get the replacement by consuming sweet food.

Go to doctor if...

There are a lot of literature saying we need to get minimum of 2 liters of water or around 8 glasses of water every day. However, there are a lot of factors determining how much water intake you need such as your health condition, your environment and your activities.

However, go to doctor if you or your children’s dehydration shows these symptoms:

  • Having fever for more than 38 Celsius degree.
  • The decrease or absence of consciousness.
  • Headache
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Pain on chest or stomach.

The article was previously published in Hellosehat.com and all medical data has been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.


Petra Hapsari  05 September 2017 11:00

Is starring in a music video one of your dreams?

Norwegian bule Kvitland is back with another song and you have chance to appear in his upcoming music video!

Audun Kvitland, or mostly known as Kvitland, stole people’s attention after releasing a song titled ‘Nasi Padang’, showing how much he adores the Indonesian food.

Now, he is getting back with another song, and he opens a big chance for anyone to appear in the music video.

Watch the video announcement below to know how to star in Kvitland’s upcoming video:


Petra Hapsari  30 August 2017 12:30

First aid is really important because it can determine the patient’s condition. But good intention is not enough to someone's life as you can do it wrong that the patient's condition might just worsen afterwards.

Well, here are the right things to keep in mind when you are dealing with some emergencies:

1. Don’t rub your eyes!

When things such as dust get into your eyes, you might automatically want to rub your eyes. In fact, this is dangerous since it might cause irritation or the worse, the strange object might get stuck in your eyes.

DO: Close your eyes repeatedly to let your tears bring the dirt out since your tears have a function as eye-cleaner.

2. Cold compress your sprain instead of putting something warm on it.

It might be comfortable to give warm compress or patches to the sprain. Unfortunately, it will only worsen the inflammation. That is why you need to avoid giving your sprained legs warm compress or soaking your feet in warm water.

DO: Use cold compress on the sprained part. However, if you want to use ice cubes do not just put them directly.  Cover the ice with soft cloth and put it on the sprained part for around 15 to 20 minutes. Put the compress off for a while for a break and put it on again if necessary.

3. Don’t look up when you have nose-bleeding!

If you look up during a nose-bleed, the chance is the blood might flow to your esophagus, which might get you choked, cough and breathing issues.

DO: Pin your nose using your thumb and index finger while sitting up straight. Hold it for about 15 minutes. While waiting, breathe using your mouth until the bleeding stopped. If in 30 minutes it keeps on bleeding, try to get medical assistance soon.

4. Try not to use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding if possible.

Using tourniquet to stop the bleeding is recommended only to be the last choice when there is nothing else to use. This is because binding near the bleeding area using tourniquet can cause permanent tissue damage.

DO: Find quite thick cloth, gauze, or bandage. Cover the bleeding area with the cloth or bandage and keep on pressuring the above part of the bleeding area using your hand or fingers. Even though the blood keeps flowing, do not release the pressure until you reach hospital or clinic.

5. Don’t stick a spoon to the mouth when someone is having a seizure!

You might often hear that people who are having seizure should have spoon stick on his mouth to prevent him from biting his tongue.

DO: Tilt the body sideways to let the foam on his mouth flowing out, and he can breathe. The seizure usually stops itself. However, if it happens for more than 5 minutes without the sign of getting better, please call medical officers (118/021-65303118 for Jakarta area or 112 for all Indonesia).

6. Stop covering your burns with ice cube or toothpaste.

Do not just cover your burns with ice cube or toothpaste as these two might cause tissue damage. You also need to avoid applying butter.

DO: Rinse the burn under the flowing clear water (not iced water) for 20 minutes. Remember that you need to rinse it for a bit longer time since it is to prevent the hot to damage the layer of your skin more. After that, you can apply special ointment for burns or go to a doctor.

7. Going to the nearest hospital during an emergency is not always right.

In an emergency situation, you might want to bring the person the nearest hospital. Your intention might be good; however, the nearest hospital or clinic might not necessarily be adequate or able to deal with his condition.

DO: You should be wiser in choosing the hospital. This decision is really important since there might be no complete equipment or facility to save the patient. Sometimes, it is safer to bring the patient to a further hospital with better facilities and medical personnel. So, you should know which hospital in your area which is the best for giving first aid in certain emergencies such as heart attack or stroke.

The article was previously published in Hellosehat.com and all medical data has been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.


Petra Hapsari  29 August 2017 11:15

Once upon a time, probably not too long ago, people mistook some illness as effects of black magic.

A historian in medical science Lois N. Magner explained about this in his book A History of Infectious Diseases and the Microbial World. The belief among people that supernatural power such as santet can cause illness has existed since the last 3,500 years.

For example, according to an ancient Indian myth, it is believed that there are illnesses caused by supernatural power which makes shaman and the gods have to work together to fight against the devil in curing it.

Thanks to medical science, now humans can understand the cause as well as the cure of various diseases — not by using black chickens as sacrifice or other shenanigans, of course.

Here are five illnesses once were considered caused by black magic:

1. Epilepsy

Image: Shutterstock/Namning

In certain cultures, people still believe that when somebody has a seizure, he/she is being possessed by an evil spirit. However, the fact is seizure is purely a medical condition, and one of the reasons might be epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a chronic brain nerve disorder characterized by spontaneous recurrent seizures. Not all seizures are epilepsy, but every epilepsy is always characterized by seizures. 

Some types of seizure have symptoms, such as the person suddenly does not move like a statue or become stiff. This symptom sometimes makes the patient stop doing what he/she is doing. His/her face shows blank expression and confusion, and he/she does not respond to the surrounding. This is how the assumption of epilepsy as an impact of black magic began.

2. Mental disorder

Illustration: Shutterstock/Victor Moussa

Mental disorders include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, trauma and eating disorder. One of mental disorders that mostly can be found in Indonesia is schizophrenia.

Mental disorder has symptoms that depend on the condition the patient suffers from, and the symptoms have different severity level. Generally, the person feels hopeless, is always sad, wants to stay away from the society, is always in anger and feels the need to rampage. People then began to assume that this is caused by black magic, or the person is possessed by genie since he was kid.

Unfortunately, the ancient stigma still exists in Indonesia. In 2014, report shows that there are 1,274 people with mental disorder are shackled, instead of sent to psychiatrists.

3. Fetus in fetu

Illustration: Shutterstock/Crystal light

Fetus-in-fetu is a rare condition. It is happened due to malformed fetus attached or inside someone’s body. The fetus might be the twin sibling of the person. Since it is inside the body, the patient might realize it only after he grows up.

Back in 2006 in India, a 9-year-old kid had a lump in the body. USG and CT Scan on the kid’s body showed mass of fetus along with the bone and tissue around it which has size around 10x10 cm. They also found 30 cm long of hair.

4. Ergot poisoning

Illustration: Shutterstock/Manfred Ruckszio

Ergot or Claviceps purpurea is fungus that attacks wheat plants and turn their color into black. If someone accidentally eats it, the person will get symptoms, including muscular pain, throwing up, hallucination, and he will also feel as if his skin is being scratched. These symptoms can be found in the scenes of Salem Witch Trials movie.

Salem Witch Trials is one of famous cases during early modern times. It occurred in American colonial era (1692-1693), causing almost 300 people accused of witchcraft and 30 people hanged.

Now, the experts presume that the disease happened at that time was caused by Ergot.

Researchers found that the symptoms were caused by active substance ergot alkaloids (lysergic acid) found in the fungus. As the time goes by, the acid triggers LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), hallucinogenic type of synthetic narcotic which can cause severe hallucination for the users.

5. Encephalitis Lethargica

Illustration: Shutterstock/SpeedKingz

Encephalitis lethargica or also known as von Economo disease is a disease whose cause is not known yet. The symptoms are high fever, headache and the absence of physical and mental responses. Besides that, the patient might also suffer abnormal eye movement, weak upper body, pain in muscles, tremors, stiff neck, changing behavior and even go into a coma.

In 1917-1928, encephalitis lethargica was spread to the entire world. It is noted that thousands of people suffered from Parkinson after suffering from this disease. The strange symptoms, quick spread, and the sudden disappearance of the epidemic made people assumed that this was caused by witches.

The article was previously published in Hellosehat.com and all medical data has been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.


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