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Movie director Joko Anwar has announced his next project of rebooting a classic masterpiece from golden era of classy Indonesian horror film 'Pengabdi Setan' (Satan's Slave). Joko ensures that his film would not only present terror, but also the uniqueness between characters.

"We build an interesting characterization, instead of only selling eeriness. We try to scare and hopefully it would be scary. Then audiences will pay attention to the characters," revealed Joko when interviewed in Cikini, Central Jakarta last Friday.


So excited to shoot this!

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Joko Anwar (@jokoanwar) pada

Joko is also responsible for the screenplay of the movie originally made in 1980 by Sisworo Gautama Putra.

"It's been residing for 10 years on my head. When it was finally approved, I immediatelly pour what's on my mind. But, I wasn't alone when writing the script, I'm too scared," he joked.

The director through his instagram account has also announced the casts, including Tara Basro, Bront Palarae, Dimas Aditya, and Asmara Abigail.


The cast of Pengabdi Setan.

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Joko Anwar (@jokoanwar) pada

The filming will start in the next few days, taking set in Bandung.




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Matthew Vaughn comes back to direct the chronicle of Taron Egerton's Gary "Eggsy" Unwin and his British secret agents companions, who find themselves in a dilemma after their headquarter got blown up and the world is under threat. They now team up with with the U.S. version of the organization, Statesman, to eliminate the new world order criminal group named "The Golden Circle".

With a number of new cast, including Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Elton John and Jeff Bridges, "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" is set to release on September 22.

Oh, did we mention the return of Galahad?



Retno Wulandari  25 April 2017 14:14

Are you feeling some tension in your body and mind? Do you get easily stressed because of office work or never-ending traffic congestion? Maybe you need to take a break and spare some time to meditate.

A 2011 research from Harvard University found that meditation can help you increase your ability of learning, memory, self awareness, introspection and even compassion.

According to the research, meditation is proven to help increasing the density of the grey part of our brains —the one in the hippocampus. The improvement will make a healthier and sharper mind. The best part is meditation can make our brains as good as new in only eight weeks. Seems like it’s the habit that we'd need, right?

Here are some tips to meditate and make it your habit.

1. Find a peaceful place

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Find a place where you can be alone and free from distraction, like an area with a total silence, for a perfect meditation venue. If you feel some light music can help you to relax, you can play them during meditation. Studies found white noise will help relieve stress and increase concentration. Turn off TV, mobile phone, radio or anything that may distract you.

2. Have enough time

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Meditation should take a minimum of 15 minutes. If the time is too short, you won’t be able to enter the 'meditation zone' and take the full benefit of meditation. But if 15 minutes is too challenging, you can start small, like five minutes, then you can increase it step by step.

3. Find yourself a comfortable position

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Most of the meditation practices we’ve seen are done in sitting position, cross-legged, but it turns out that meditation shouldn’t always be done in those position. You can either sit, stand or lie down as long as it's comfortable for you. You also need to keep your back straight along the process, don’t slouch and remember to stay awake — otherwise it's a nap, not a meditation anymore.

4. Close your eyes, or open them if you prefer.

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Meditation can be conducted with your eyes closed or open. But as a beginner, it will be easier to concentrate when your eyes open.

5. Follow your breathing

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As a basic technique of meditation, breathing practice is a good start. Breathe slowly and deeply, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. There are some mental images that will help you to focus on your breathe, such as a floating buoy in the ocean, a coin sitting above your navel, et cetera. Always aim for longer inhales and exhales. You can use counting numbers method to do this. For examples, count one to three when inhaling and one to seven when exhaling.

6. Clear your mind

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As a beginner, you can clear your mind by focusing on one thing, such as mantra or visual object. To help you focus, you can repeat a word, or a mantra, you choose. Some people use mantra Om to calm their minds and let them focus. The word represents ubiquitous consciousness. Or maybe Sanksrit words Sat, Chit, Ananda which mean “Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.”

Otherwise, you can use an object that will help you concentrate, such as a lit candle. It works just the same as mantra, as it helps you to reach a deeper level of concsiousness.

7. Visualize

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It's not necessary, but visualizing is one of the most popular meditation techniques. It involves creating a place in your mind where things are exactly what you want it to be. The place shouldn’t be physically real, but it’s kind of a sanctuary where you can find peace and relieve. Explore the place in your mind until you reach a divine calmness.


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The new trailer for the upcomming Mummy movie featuring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella has arrived.

The trailer revealed almost every detail from who the mummy is, her solemn purpose and how Tom Cruise's character connected to everything. Russell Crowe's character, Dr. Henry 'Jekyll', also made his appearance in some scenes of the trailer.

The Mummy is set to premiere on June 9, and is directed by Alex Kurtzman. The movie also stars Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson and Courtney B. Vance.

To get you more excited, The Mummy will kick off the Universal's classic monster movie universe, which later will be followed by reboots of "Count Dracula", "Frankenstein", "The Wolf Man" and of course, a new "Van Helsing" movie.



  31 March 2017 16:00

Indonesia is famous for its urban legends that are no less creepy than Hollywood horror stories — some might say ours are even scarier. Some creative filmmakers waste no chance to turn them into a horrifying masterpiece that's scary enough to make you scream like a baby.

We have some of them and we challenge you to watch them all tonight. Enjoy!

1. Grave Torture (Silent Terror)

Prominent director Joko Anwar (Janji Joni, Kala, Modus Anomali) is also known for his works in short movies and among them is 'Grave Torture'.

The director raises an urban legend in Indonesia that believes that those who does evil things during his/her life will suffer torment in the grave when he/she dies. The seven-minutes disturbing clip tells the story of a kid who's accidentally been buried alive with his dead father.

2. Payung Merah (Red Umbrella)

A film by Andri Cung and Edward Gunawan that tells a story of a taxi driver (Rio Dewanto) who picks up a mysterious passenger (Atiqah).

The film was released in 2010 and successfully won several awards including Best Asian Short Film, Screen Singapore (2010), Best Short Film (Ladrang Award), Solo Film Festival (2011) and 1st Runner-Up of Europe On Screen (2012).

3. Sebelah

The 14-minute clip is Reza Rahadian's first film as a director. Though he's new to directing movies, the film managed to win best film category in LA Light Film Festival.

Everything starts with the story of a girl and his abusive boyfriend. Well, perhaps it is best for you to watch the rest by yourself.

4. Moriendo

Inspired by Noviana Kusumawardhani's short story 'Sebuah Pagi dan Seorang Lelaki Mati', the animated film by Andrey Pratama portrays the paradox of death and life through memories of the character.

Moriendo was remastered with Japanese audio in 2016.

5. Sandekala

Taking the urban legend about keeping the children indoors at Maghrib time (sunset), a mother and her daughter have to go home before sunset in this film, when suddenly strains of gamelan came out of nowhere.   

The 9-minute clip won the 2016 XXI Short Film Festival.

6. Revenge (Merindu Mantan)

A film by Andri Cung revolves around a girl (Aimee Saras) who gets her heart broken and intends to take a revenge on her ex-boyfriend through witchcraft.

7. Taxi

This short supernatural thriller by Arianjie AZ and Nadia Yuliani features Shareefa Dhanish who finds no other way to go home in the middle of the night except by riding the only taxi she sees.

The unsettling moment happened inside the cab then soon turns the situation into a terror.

8. Yours Truly

A film by A Cine et Cetera Production narrates the life of introverted flower delivery guy named Todi. He got no one but his tape recorder.

Until one day he meets Kayla and their relationship goes deeper. When he just decides to leave her forever, the nightmare begins.



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Whether you like it or not, 'Ghost In The Shell' live action movie is going towards its release day. Paramount Pictures has just released the first five minutes of the movie. The scenes probably remind the fans of Mamoru Oshii's animated work in 1995 but with the rich detail and effect they wouldn't be able to see years ago.

Scarlet Johansson, Takeshi Kitano and others will hit the teather on March 31.



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A book of poetry 'Hujan Bulan Juni' by Sapardi Djoko Damono is one of Indonesian legendary literature works. It has been published in form of comics and novels and soon it will get its movie adaptation.

"This proves that literature is not just letters lined up on a page, but it could be anything. Comic, picture, movie, song, in my opinion they are literature," said Sapardi, Wednesday to Antara.

At his 77th birthday event in the Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Sapardi stated that he will not interfere in the filmmaking process. He will let the director explore his work and turn it into a movie.

"If the movie is different from the novel, it's okay. The novel is still mine. The movie belongs to the director. So if the movie fails, it won't be my fault," said Sapardi.

Hestu Saputra was appointed to direct the movie adaptation scheduled to release this mid-year. The screenplay adaptation is written by Titien Wattimena while Avicenna will be the producer.

Hestu himself is a young director who worked on several movies including 'Cinta Tapi Beda', 'Merry Riana', 'Air Mata Surga', 'Ayat-ayat Cinta' and his latest is 'Perfect Dream'. His career is highly influenced by Hanung Bramantyo.

The movie itself will narrate the love story between Pingkan and Sarwono, taking set in Jakarta, Solo, Manado and Japan.