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Fumio Sasaki is living his life to the fullest all thanks to his breakthrough in minimalism.

Sahil Nathani   19 July 2016 19:53 - Minimalism is an outgrowth of Zen Buddhism. In the past, this concept has been adopted from the United States.

Thirty-six-year-old Fumio Sasaki accomplished that by getting rid of his undesired possessions, leaving him with only three shirts, four pairs of trousers, four pairs of socks and a handful of other necessities. They keep him more than just happy because he can now devote most of his time to travelling and meeting friends.

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Sasaki’s transformation began when he became fed up with keeping all the books, CDs and DVDs - the things he used to be obsess over. He came to a point of realization that they didn’t make him feel complete anymore, and that he’d been sucked into a world of materialism, and he was determined to let it all go. Starting two years ago, he gave them away to his friends and sold the rest. Today, he is grateful for the decision he made as the change has given him a whole new life!

Inspired? It takes a lot to give up your worldly possessions!



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