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A new research might have the answer.

Petra Hapsari   17 July 2017 11:40

A new research found olive oil can help prevent brain cancer.

Brain cancer is a malignant or dangerous tumor in brain. However, not all brain tumor is malignant and categorized as cancer as there is also benign tumor.

Brain tumor itself is an abnormal and uncontrollable growth of brain cells. It can grow from cells that make up brain tissue; from nerves coming in and out of the brain; and from membrane protecting brain and spinal cord.

There are two types of brain cancer. First, primary brain cancer (75% of all brain tumor cases) which the cause comes from brain and second, secondary brain cancer (25% of all brain cancer cases) which comes from other body parts and spread up to the brain.

Until recently, there was nothing we can do to prevent brain cancer, but most cases can be handled if they're detected early.

But, a new research revealed that olive oil can prevent brain cancer.

A research from Edinburgh University, England found that oleic acid — monounsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil — can stop the activity of protein that might trigger the formation of tumor in brain cells.

Even though it cannot be said that olive oil in food can prevent brain cancer, but the finding shows that oleic acids can support the production of tumor suppressor molecules in cells that were grown in laboratory.

The researchers also added that they need further research to deepen their findings related to olive oil's benefits for brain health.

These findings, which were published in Journal of Molecular Biology, show that there is a possibility of therapy by consuming olive oil to prevent the growth of abnormal brain cells.

Oleic acids are one of nutrition groups known as fatty acid that stimulate the production of cell molecules. Prior research has shown oleic acids can inhibit the activity causing specific protein diseases.

Using this idea, the researchers tried to find out how olive oil affects the activity of miR-7 protein, a microRNA which takes role in suppressing the process of tumor formation. The production of this microRNA is inhibited by other protein called as MSI2. If it keeps on going on, tumor might be formed.

To reach their conclusions, the researchers tested the influence of oleic acid on extracts of human cells and living cells in the laboratory. They then found that oleic acid inhibits the activity of MSI2. Therefore, the production of miR-7 can happen and the growth of tumor can be suppressed.

Based on the research above, we can see the researchers need further research. This is to make sure whether olive oil really can be used as one of therapy to inhibit the growth of cells which might cause brain cancer.


The article was previously published in and all medical data have been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.


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