It’s not really eco-friendly, but it’s scientifically proven: sleeping in a cold bedroom is better for your health.

Celia Tholozan   26 August 2016 15:54 - Ideally, the temperature should be between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius to be in the right line with our body temperature. Higher than 24° could have a serious impact on sleep and overall health. When we fall asleep, our body temperature falls and it's important to keep it stable.

Why? Here are eight reasons: 


1. You could get sick more easily. 

The heat can affect your breathing and make it easier for you to catch a cold. Also, it can age your skin faster. 


2. You might increase the risk of insomnia. 

If our body temperature is too high, we start to sweat and have a general feeling of discomfort, which keeps us from sleeping properly.


3. You will fall asleep faster. 

If it's not spending energy trying to cool you down, your body can relax faster.


4. The quality of your sleep will be better. 

If your body is more relaxed, your sleep will be more peaceful and the risk of waking up lower.


5. You will look younger. 

We've all noticed it: after a good night, our skin is more smooth and your face doesn't look tired.


6. The risk of diabetes and cancer will decrease

Diabetes and cancer have both been linked to quality of sleep. A lack of sleep generally increases stress and blood pressure, two important factors in the development of those diseases.

7. You will enhance weight stabilisation

We lose weight while we sleep. Why? Because our body consumes calories as it recovers in rest, and the more it rest the more it recovers – and the more calories it burns.


8. Your memory and concentration will be better the next day. 

If you've ever worked on no sleep, this needs no explanation. 



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