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Forget rainbow bagels or the mannequin challenge, #watermelondress is the latest craze to hit social media. 

Giving way to some seriously juicy creativity, the trending hashtag involves one person holding a slice of watermelon and the other posing behind it.

Young girls, women and even some daring men have embraced the fruity trend.



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Celebrities including Ryan Seacrest, Emma Lee Bunton (Baby Spice) and a number of TV presenters have since added their take on the craze.




Here are a few of our favourites:




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The best part? Our furry friends can join in too...





When you can wear your dress and eat it too #watermelondress #goldendoodlesofinstagram

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It's May 4 again a.k.a. Star Wars Day.

For those who don't speak geek, the date was chosen as an homage to the popular phrase "May the Force be with you" which sounds similar to "May the Fourth be with you."

May the Force... May the Fourth, get it?

What's more special is that this year's celebration also marks the 40th anniversary of the franchise's first film, 'Star Wars: A New Hope'.

While you might not be able to celebrate the day with riding Millenium Falcon or playing hide-and-seek with Chewie, there are still some ways you can enjoy the festivities and the spirit of the Jedis (or the Dark Lord, if that's your thing — we're not judging). So, here, we have listed some of our favorite things to do to honour Star Wars Day.  

1. Having a Star Wars marathon — and by marathon, we mean ALL of the series, including those unspeakable prequels.


Revisit all the core titles on digital platform such as Blu-rays and DVDs. No need to care about what's the best order to watch the first six, you choose, you rule! (Newcomers can go to the internet and conclude the never-ending debate). We dare you to finish all movies in one sitting.

For the pros, you can up your game by binging its anthology and animation movies.

2. Staying indoor with Star Wars games.


There is a way too long list of Star Wars game, but perhaps the most lively place you could find today is in the 'Star Wars: Battlefront' multiplayer mode. There have been also some gaming deals for the Star Wars Day 2017. You can save up to 77% for selected gaming titles across mobile and console platforms, including 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic' or 'Star Wars: Puzzle Droids'. So, don't bother the 'go outside and play'.

PS: A Battlefront sequel will be released on November 2017. Yay!

3. Fleshing out the story.


Star Wars story expands as vast as its universe, leaving some sagas that you could only catch in the comic. Say, you could find Poe Dameron's backstory before joining the resistance on 'Poe Dameron Series' or Darth Maul's revenge on 'Star Wars: Darth Maul'. They're all worth reading.

4. Getting all of the Star Wars trinkets.


Give yourself less space by turning your bedroom into a real space. A lot of places offer discounts on their Star Wars merchandises today. Create your own starship battles by decorating your ceiling with the miniature of Star Fighters shooting all the Tie Fighters. Else, you can just battle your Stormtrooper brother's blaster with your lightsaber.

5. Joining the festival — because why be alone if you can be with fellow Star Wars lovers?

Photo: Photo:

Fans might have been preparing for this day long time ago, but for those who don't know, you could also feel their excitement by participating the following festivals prepared for the 2017 Star Wars day:

- Star Wars Day: May The 4th Be With You - Singapore (May 4 to 6, 2017)


- Lego Star Wars Day - Malaysia (May 13 and 14, 2017)


- Star Wars Identities - London (November 2016 to September 3, 2017)

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- Star Wars Film Concert Series - New York (September 15 to October 7, 2017)



Sugeng Wahyudi  27 December 2016 11:05 - A Malaysian historian Mohd Fuad Khusari M Said has discovered a grave with a 4.6-meter human skeleton inside at the Upeh Island Cemetery in Malacca.

Fuad, a historian with more than 10 years of experience in archaeology, said the discovery has been reported to local authorities since he did not have the necessary permit for an excavation. 

Judging from its size, Fuad believe the findings bear similarities to the length of skeletons in Sultan Al Ariffin Syeikh Ismail's tomb as well as the graves of seven of his friends in Big Island, Malaysia. Sultan Al Ariffin Syeikh Ismail himself is the 18th descendant of Muhammad who spreaded the teachings of Islam in Malay.    

"There has been no attempt for an excavation on any of them, so the length remains a mystery," said Fuad. 


Tunggul Kumoro  03 August 2016 08:01 - A set of pictures has revealed the horrific conditions of an overcrowded prison in the Philippines.

Quezon City Jail in Manila, is home to 3,800 inmates — five times more than it was built to house.

Inmates take turns sleeping as up to 200 men squeeze into a single cell built for 20. They often develop rashes or boils as they sleep on the damp floor, staircases and the basketball courts.

There are cockroaches in what little food ration the prisoners get, leaving the men undernourished. Their health suffers further from a lack of ventilation in their cells.

The set of photos depicts inmates handling daily activities in Quezon.

Fair warning: these are not for the fainthearted.

1. They sleep on the ground...

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2. ...stairs...

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3. ...and basketball court

via Getty Images

4. Cooking dinner while others take bathe

via Getty Images

5. Hitting the gym

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6. Dance contest

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7. Cell

via Getty Images

8. Inmates struggle for space as night comes

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9. Up to five prisoners die every day

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10. Inmates ride the bus to court

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Sahil Nathani  02 August 2016 15:08 - Eight months ago, around fifteen Syrian families were sent to the Isle of Bute in Scotland, starting a new life away from the crisis in their homeland.

This is part of the United Kingdom Home Office’s Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme, which ‘aims to house 20,000 people in the UK by 2020 and prioritizes the most vulnerable.’ Under the terms and conditions of this scheme, refugees are granted a five-year ‘Humanitarian Protection status, permission to work and access to public funds, with their costs met for a year by the overseas aid budget.’

The Isle of Bute sits in the Firth of Clyde in far northwest Scotland. It is a beautiful but remote part of the country, home to just 7,000 people. It’s found its way into the UK headlines after some Syrian refugees placed there voiced their disappointment.

Abd is a 42-year old Father of four who was incarcerated and tortured in Syria. He arrived in Bute with his family but told The Daily Mail is struggling to cope with the new life.

“At first, of course, I was really happy to come to the UK. It is the other of freedom. People treated me really well, really nice. Scotland is beautiful.  I love the weather. There are some people who like this weather and I like it. I like the winter. But for six, seven months now there has been nowhere to go. There is no movement, there is nothing. I’m not bored any more. I am depressed now.”  

Abd travelled to Glasgow a in search of work opportunities, but to no avail. He then said that “whenever we say anything about moving off the island, we are told ‘we had to pay a lot of money to bring you here.’ This makes him feel like a dishonored, controlled, and an “obligatory” resident.

Another woman by the name of Rasha highlighted the plight by saying that the island is “full of old people” and that the island is “where people come to die.”

Spun out of proportion?

Despite their frustrations, a Bute council chief said: “These are not the views of the majority of our families, who are settling in well and making the most of all the opportunities of support and welcome available. Volunteers and a range of agencies are working extremely hard together and putting a whole range of support in place for every single one of our families.”

Lisa O’Donell, a writer in Glasgow who was born on the island of Bute, accused The Daily Mail of manipulating Abd’s poor English skills as she shared a photo of the article on Facebook, which had the headline “We want to leave, plead refugees on Scots island.

She criticised the reporter and urged people on the island to do their part to help them adjust to the new life, away from the trauma that they faced back home.

Her post attracted many comments from Syrian refugees on the island, expressing their happiness with life on Bute and the people there.

via Facebook/Lisa O'Donnell

Below are some of the comments posted by the Syrian refugees on the Isle of Bute, in response to Lisa’s Facebook post.

via Facebook/Lisa O'Donnell

via Facebook/Lisa O'Donnell

At least the cold hasn’t got them too down!




Celia Tholozan  14 April 2016 16:26 - Even if the Himalayans are known as the “rooftop of the world”, it is in South America that the mankind has settled the highest capital cities in the world! The Chilean specialist in computer graphics Marcelo Duhalde made a ranking and here is the list of the 6 most incredible towns built high up in the clouds!

1. La Paz, Bolivia

Image via wikimedia

The highest capital of the world, La Paz, is located at 3660 meters above the sea level, which is the universal indicator used by scientists to classify all the different cities. However, it’s only the city centre of La Paz that is located at the height mentioned, most of the districts are lower in altitude. One of the main attraction of the city “La Paz-El Alto Cable Car” has got three different cable lines linking the different neighbourhoods together.

2. Quito, Ecuador

Image via gettyimages

The capital of Ecuador is perched on the Andean foothills at an altitude of 2850 metres. El Panecillo hill is one of the oldest historic districts of the city and one of the best spots to have a perfect overview of all parts of the city. Watch out though, this neighbourhood doesn’t have the reputation to be very safe.

3. Bogota, Colombia

Image via gettyimages

Bogota is in the ranking the third highest capital in South America, located at an average 2640 metres above sea level. One of the greatest views of the city can be admired from the Montserrat church. To get to the church you’ll have to use a cable car or a train if you don’t feel like climbing all the way up on your own!

4. Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia

Image via addisbiz

Perched on a plateau and spread on different levels ranging from 2300 to 2600 meters (as in La Paz, the most frequently mentioned highest altitude corresponds to the city centre part), Addis Ababa is the fourth highest world capital. This city of 4 million people is also considered by some as the capital of the African continent, because it is the seat of the African Union, which groups 53 countries (all countries except Morocco).

5. Thimphou, Bhutan

Image via visitbhutan

With the lack of traffic this high altitude city can sometimes be mistaken for a village. In addition to holding the title of 5th highest capital in the world, Thimphou, the capital of Bhutan, hold the record of safest city in the world (Bhutan is one of the only country in the world with a criminality rate close to zero) and begging doesn’t exist. This is also the only capital city who doesn’t have its own airport, because the Thimphu valley is too narrow for the construction of a landing strip.



Ivana Lucic  18 February 2016 15:00 - China has been one of the largest growing economies in recent decades. While it has fostered some wealth for some, it has left a majority of the country living the life of a developing country with a select few having climbed to the top. In fact, about 1/3 of China’s wealth belongs to just one percent of the population, in a staggering display of income inequality. “What is happening in China constitutes one of the most rapid emergences of wealth stratification in human history,” according to Jeffrey Winters, a politics professor at Northwestern University. The Asian country now has more dollar billionaires than even the United States.

Models hired to attend Hang’s birthday party © 2016 Ka Xiaoxi

As communism relaxed and economy took off several decades ago, the offspring of the hard working generation are now at the forefront in Chinese and International media. The rich kids are known as fuerdai, which literally translates to rich second generation, and they are having quite a culture clash with a society that has valued modesty and hard work. There’s not much hard involved in being the son of the wealthiest man in China, real estate mogul Wang Jianlin. His son went so far as to post pictures of his husky sporting two gold Apple watches, one on each front paw. Some even post pictures of their bank accounts, with 3.9 billion yuan in the account, roughly $597 million US at the time of posting. Guess life is hard when you are picking between an Aston Martin and a BMW, so why not just take both?

The son of the wealthiest man in China caused a stir by posting this photo of his husky sporting two gold Apple watches © 2016 Ka Xiaoxi

While the fuerdai can be compared to what Paris Hilton was to American society some ten years ago, it has to be noted that Chinese values differ strongly from American and western values. The Chinese culture values piety and hard work, which are two things the youth has not had much experience with. Some local governments have taken steps to reeducate their wealthy elite. In June, according to Beijing Youth Daily, 70 heirs to major Chinese companies attended lectures on filial piety and the role of traditional values in business.

For now, most of the fuerdai are investing in life abroad, spending summers in Bali and winters in the Alps. They are buying up property around the world and in the United States account for more than half of new property owners. Just in case the lectures on filial piety don’t work out in their favor, they’ll always have California.