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Spending quality time with male friends can be as fun as having a girls’ day out if you know how to catch up with their jokes.

Victoria Tunggono   07 March 2016 19:00

Brilio.net - Some people say that guys and girls can’t be friends because one of them could develop feelings that are more than friendship. But if you can maintain the friendship, it’s fun to befriend guys. Spending quality time with male friends can be as fun as having a girls’ day out if you know how to catch up with their jokes. After reading the reasons and benefits below, you will start to keep your guy friends around more!

1. Guys are more logical

They can give you reasonable solutions to your problems, the points your girl friends sometimes miss. Men tend to give objective opinions and practical solutions so going to a male friend for advice is a great alternative for finding solutions to your problems. You will learn to see your own problems from their perspective.

2. Guys are less dramatic

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For they are logical people, they tend to simplify everything rather than to dramatize it. They will listen to your stories but instead of emotionally reacting to them, they offer more solutions or alternative perspective to make it easier for you to see it from the bigger picture. You will learn to be a more calm and peaceful person.

3. Guys are more adventurous

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It’s not that ladies cannot be adventurous, but your guy friend can be a great fellow to be adventurous with. They are physically stronger, eager to explore more, and always tend to find solutions rather than nagging about inconveniences. Plus, having male companion makes you safer from criminals. You will start to wonder why didn’t you travel earlier.

4. Guys are fun to be with

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Even when they have their own problems, guys tend to find fun things to do when they are with you. They can always find ways to make you laugh, to try new things together, or to pull some pranks on other people. They will make every moment count. You will have a lot of “you remember that one time when…” kind of memories and guys are easygoing people, too!

5. Guy friends are protective like a big brother

Even when you don’t have any boyfriend, a male best friend will act like one. They don’t mind going out with you, even to shop, and will double as your bodyguard. They will drive for you, walk on the outer side of the street, and help you carry heavy stuff. Your life will simply seem easier with the extra muscle around.

6. Guys have knowledge you don’t

Most guys have interest on at least one of these: automotive, gadgets, or sport. These are things that girls also have to know. Whenever you want to buy a new phone, have to take your car to workshop or try new a sport, go to your guy friend for some advice. You will be smarter in more practical ways.

7. Guys will always be there for you

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Every guy has a protective sense for those they care about, and there is no doubt they will try their best to be with you during your hard time. While women tend to be busy taking care of their family, your guy friend is definitely more reliable. You won’t feel helpless.



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