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Surf Jakarta’s wave of caffeine without breaking the bank

Retno Wulandari   11 August 2016 12:32

Brilio.net - Coffee is a part of any big city life, but in Jakarta – the capital of a country where so much of the world's supply is grown – it's a bit more important. Almost everyone drinks coffee, and for the endless supply of students and digital nomads, cafes and coffee shops are part of daily life. Here is our guide to keeping costs low in the most fashionable part of the Big Durian. 

1. Escalator Coffeehouse

Nestled in the busy commercial center of Rasuna Epicentrum, Escalator Coffeehouse is an oasis offering tasty coffee and a warm atmosphere. The interior is small but comes in a cozy industrial design with wooden tables and patterned pillows. It is just the right ambience for getting your work done on a rainy day. Plus the ice cappuccino is addictive, and you don’t want to miss out on their chicken curry puffs. They also have gelato!

2. Kanawa Coffee & Munch

Located near the stylish culinary routes of Senopati (and the Brilio office!), Kanawa is a perfect stopover for people who like a quiet, open atmosphere. Decorated with a vintage Mini Cooper and some edgy murals, it offers comfortable corners for workers who love cheap lattes.

3. That’s Life Coffee

One of Senopati's hidden gems, this adorable little place offers a comfortable place to work. The interior is stylishly old school with an old radio on display, retro paintings and more, but the best part is you can get a cappuccino for less than Rp 30,000.

4. WoodPecker Coffee

Located in busy Panglima Polim, you can sit and work here for hours, this coffee shop is adorned with cute decorations and offers cold pressed juices as well as your cup of joe. You can also request almond milk instead of dairy, oh, and don’t miss their waffles. 

5. Suwe Ora Jamu

Ok this is not really a coffee shop, but this beautiful little cafe in Gandaria deserves a mention. It offers jamu, traditional Indonesian drinks made from herbs and spices with many health benefits. Traditional ingredients include tamarind, turmeric, ginger, kencur and temulawa. Since you're in the home of the 'Spice Islands' of old, one of these jamu will cost you as little as Rp 9,000. There's coffee if you're not keen and traditional tempoe doeloe music to keep you company.

6. Waga

For a coffee shop in Kemang, Waga is surprisingly affordable. You can enjoy a glass of creamy ice cappuccino for only Rp 15,000 and a hot caramel latte for Rp 20,000. The interior and ambience are simple, pleasant and can keep you there for hours. 

7. 3K Coffee


Still in Kemang, 3K Coffee is for those of you looking for a place to hang out and meet some friends. The interior is funky and artistic with murals decorating the walls. The prices are reasonable - but asthma sufferers beware, there are plenty of smokers here. 


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