Interest in Indonesian culture is high among those in the United States.

Ines Faradina   21 October 2015 14:07 - Some time ago, there may have been a belief that our own culture is more important than other cultures. But now, time has changed. Especially among the younger generation, more and more people are flocking abroad from their countries whether it’s to study or just traveling and learning about other cultures.

Alfima Azmi Imananda is a postgraduate student from the State University of Malang who had just completed her duty to teach Bahasa Indonesia in United States. Alfima admitted that 10 months in the U.S. gave her a lot of new experiences which made her realize the importance of cultural exchange.

“Student and cultural exchanges are very important so we can experience other cultures first-hand, and not influenced by the mass media which often peppers information with unnecessary spices,” said the woman from Malang, East Java to, Friday (14/8).

Fima also said that one of her friends, who is the owner of Amerindo organization (an organization which introduces Indonesian culture), often invited her to talk about Indonesian cultures and Islam. Because of the openness of people that interact with Fima, it increased her willingness to get acquainted with new people and learn new things that are unfamiliar.

“I think something like this must be tried because studying abroad and interacting with foreign people will result in positive things. We will discover that nothing is impossible and you’ll find another side of you: the new you.”


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