If these designer items look familiar, it's because you probably have one at home.

Victoria Tunggono   23 November 2016 17:42

Brilio.net - The fashion world is always on the lookout for inspiration, and for Balenciaga, its latest "it" bag appears to be something many of us will be more than familiar with: plastic bags made of raffia ropes we occasionally use to carry groceries or our laundry. Though, to their defense, these ones are made of leather with shiny palladium hardware and a gold logotype printed on it.

While the Spanish brand is famous with its classic city bag and variations of this classic design over the years, it may have taken things up (or down) a notch with what Demna Gvasalia, the brand's new creative director, calls the Bazar Shopper Tote. The bag comes in sizes S to X, ready to meet your every need. 

And if you think that's crazy, wait 'til you see this design from their Spring/Summer 2017 lineup. If they look familiar, it's because these square bags look just like the transparent PVC packaging for bed covers with its rope-handles and big floral patterns we may have grown up with. 

Meanwhile in America, the online Nomad Tribe Shop recently featured another familiar item from any Asian household. This time, the colorful floor mat we'd typically dry our feet on seems to have been turned into a fashionable woven clutch. 

Recycling is always great, but we'll admit it may take a while for us to fully adapt to the idea of these items being fashionable.

The Bazar Shopper Tote itself is being marketed with a strating price of $ 1,495. Crazy? Kinda. The clutch might be a little more reasonably priced... at $200.

Oh, to buy or to DIY? That is the question.


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