Young, beautiful, talented and coming up together.

Nafilah   02 August 2016 17:18

11. Raisa's selfie...

12. ...and Isyana’s

13. Raisa with a graceful hairstyle and earrings, in an alluring white dress

14. Isyana with a more spirited hairstyle.. She goes all the way!

15. Raisa in a more casual style, still pretty girls, no?

16. Meanwhile Isyana, sporty in her sneakers

17. Raisa once posted a photo with her boyfriend, Keenan

18. Isyana is apparently still single. Here’s a photo of her with orphans

19. Raisa's style on the beach!

20. Aaand here's Isyana on the beach

Tradition and the rebellion? Let us know what you think.




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