For your future reference, Disney.

Petra Hapsari   25 July 2017 21:30

Indonesian artist Thomas Kurniawan gives 'magical' touch to Disney Princesses.

Thomas remakes the princesses starting from Belle to Elsa and combine them with the faces we love starting from Emma Watson to Angelina Jolie.

He shares his artworks on his personal blog which gain a lot of positive reactions from viewers and even some of them say his version is better than Disney's.

Here are how Disney Princesses look like in the hands of Thomas Kurniawan:

1. Emma Watson as Ariel


2. Diana Agron as Aurora


3. Lily Collins as Belle


4. Tang Wei as Mulan


5. Gal Gadot as Jasmine


6. Amanda Seyfried as Merida


7. Angelina Jolie as Elsa


8. Jessica Alba as Kidagakash Nedakh



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