Bet you'll cry and smile watching these.

Victoria Tunggono   25 December 2016 10:00 - With the arrival of the year's most festive season, companies all around the world are spending millions of dollars to make the most heartwarming Christmas advertisings. These ads encouraging people to make it home for the holidays and celebrate the joy of Christmas with the family will definitely leave you smiling... or maybe even crying.

1. Marks & Spencer (British retailer).


2. Macy's (American department store).


3. Sainsbury's (British supermarket chain).


4. Lidl (German supermarket).


5. Edeka (German supermarket chain).


6. H & M (Swedish retailer).


7. Coca Cola (American carbonated soft drink).


8. Heathrow Airport (London Airport).


9. Amazon (American e-commerce company).


10. Realm Pictures (British production house).


11. WWF-UK (British World Wildlife Fund).


12. Harrods (British department store) featuring Burberry (British luxury fashion house).


13. (British online retailer).


14. Sky Movies Disney (British film channel).


15. Waitrose (British supermarket chain).


Christmas Ads

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