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"At that time, there was no reaction. The dispute only happens now."

Tunggul Kumoro   08 February 2017 10:45

Jakarta Non-active Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama's blasphemy trial continued on yesterday.

This time, three witnesses were summoned to testify.

The first witness, Jaenuddin, is a fisherman from Thousand Islands District —the location where the alleged blasphemous statement happened.

Jaenuddin said that during the event last year, he did not pay attention to Ahok's remark regarding the Quranic verse of Al-Maidah:51.

He learned about the polemics from television only after he was summoned by the police as witness to the case.

"I did not pay attention, sir. I didn't hear it. I just heard (he said) if there's someone better than me (Ahok), don't choose me," he said.

Similar statement was given by the second witness, Sahbuddin, also a fisherman from Thousand Islands.

"At that time, there was no reaction. The dispute only happens now," he said.

"Was anyone disappointed (of Ahok's statement back then)?" asked a representative of Ahok's legal counsel.

"No one, Sir," Sabhuddin answered.
The trial was also set to hear the testimony from fatwa commission member of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Hamdan Rasyid.

Hamdan was brought as expert witness by the prosecutor.

However, Ahok's legal team refused to question him as they objected Hamdan's appointment as witness.

They argued that Hamdan is not an independent expert witness for this case.

“We have to object. I’ve never seen someone giving expert comment on his own product,” I Wayan Sudarta of Ahok’s legal team said during the break. “Go find other witness.”

The trial will resume on Monday, Feb. 13.


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